Character Generation

Unless noted below, use  the Fourth Ed. ShadowrunRun system.


Edge is not a normal attribute, but representive of Luck.  It’s use is the same as usual, but includes:

Use of Edge

  • spending a point of Edge enables the character to make a Healing Test which is effective immediately.

A character’s Edge score is +1 for every multiple of 10 unspent karma.

eg. If a character has unspent 28 karma, the character has an Edge score of 2.

Negative Edge

A character is capable of overspending on karma.  Any karma overspent creates a Negative Edge score, by rounding up to the next multiple of 10.

eg. a Character who overspends karma by 12 has an Edge score of -2.

Negative Edge is Edge that is used by the GM in an opposite effect of positive Edge.


  • character had a bad run in with a demon and is laying low to heal.  The GM uses a point of unspent negative Edge to remove a Healing Check.
  • a black wizard starts  to cast an invisibility spell to flee, and the character leaps on the wizard to grapple and makes a success skill check. The GM decides to use a negative Edge point to force a reroll.
  • character is outmatched by the Troll on the Bridge, he is slammed into a wall with a massive fist and somehow pulls a miracle and someone rolls high enough to soak the damage; until the GM intercedes with a Edge point…

Recovery of Edge

Any spent Edge is recovered at the start of the next gaming session.

Karma-gen Rules.

Characters are made with 800 karma points.


All Shadowrun character options are available; any supernatural traits are clouded with a Seeming (see Magic Rules for more info) that covers these traits to those not “Awakened”.

Changelings (40BP/80 karma)

Changelings are humans that are in a symbiotic relationship with a Faerie spirit, but there are also varieties such as Avatars (infused with the spark of a God) and Nephilim (infused with an angelic or demonic spirit).

The mortal shell insulates the spirit from the physical realm; the mortal is the spirit formula of the spirit and any action thaat may banish or disrupt the spirit causes it to lay dormant.

Create the mortal character as normal, but leave points for the spirit that is sharing the mortal shell.

Create a Force 1 spirit as per Spirit Ally rules.  Any advancement is as per Free Spirit rules in Runner’s Companion.

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