Star Wars SAGA Game 01-April 2008

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We turned the corner only to be confronted by this:

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Star Wars SAGA Game 12-March 2008

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Again, no Bolder’s Log as the PCs have little to no equipment.

Our heroes are still stuck on a prison planet, with no equipment, no real allies, and only their wits to help them (which in this case isn’t the sharpest of tools)

They have managed to manufacture some rather crude metal detectors so they can find something with which to trade.

  • This has led to a little boost in the prison’s economy (as the heroes find out about a black market on survival goods and surplus food with some imperial troops)

This has helped the heroes obtain the following items:

  • Survival kits – some rudimentary tools (non-powered), a glow-rod, a spare energy cell, some rations, all temperature cloak, basic med pack & also a small beacon.
  • More food for the prison colony
  • Junked spare parts (with some of the items from the survival kits, Bolder believes he can make a lightsaber – he’ll just need focus crystals)

The heroes have also inadvertently obtained an egg shaped biotechnological creation matrix (about the size of a large avocado) however, they obtained this from “Siggy” the unique biomorph and in the process, lost the one working lightsaber that Bolder managed to build.  At this stage, the players are unable to fully work the matrix (only Jaeln is able to work it)

In their off time, our heroes are mining for more trade goods (precious metals and gems), looking for suitable focus crystals & attempting to learn more about the “sith” sigils.

2 months have passed during the above time frame

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A good post on roleplaying

by on Mar.11, 2008, under Miscellaneous, RPG

A roleplaying game is a game in which the players are rewarded for making choices that are consistent with the character’s motivations or further the plot of the story.”

read the full article at John Wick’s blog

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Star WArs SAGA Game 03-March 2008

by on Mar.03, 2008, under RPG, Star Wars

Still no Seeker.

After last session’s fiasco, the Lanneck boys decided to surrender to the Empire.

They quickly get disarmed by Snowtroopers, and get doped by an Imperial officer.
Upon waking, the boys find themselves chained to bunks and blindfolded (doesn’t really affect Bolder all that much, though there’s some form of white noise generator)

A day passes, and the boys are introduced to their captor (an Imperial wearing a form of synth-leather outfit – kinda like Scorpius from Farscape) and his floating interrogation droid.

Their captor mindscans them (Dark Jedi?) and then drops them onto a prison planet.

Weeks pass and the boys settle in with the locals, helping out with chores and learning what they can.

They find out that:

  • The planet is steeped in Dark Side energy
  • There are sentient beings here called fae
    • Light fae who simply co-exist with the prisoners
    • dark fae who can take shape of the prisoners’ fears (it is these which the prisoners try to protect themselves from) – these fae seem to embody the base emotions – all dark side traits
      • One of these dark fae has taken the form of the emperor, and another has taken the form of Darth Vader (a lightsaber wielding force spirit essentially)
      • Anything you fear can be used against you, so the boys are both trying to think happy thoughts (no we don’t want to fight the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man.
  • There are some adepts who study what look like Sith traditions, and they have made black bladed weapons (swords and daggers) as well as maintain some form of alchemical markings which keep the fae at bay.
  • There is a strange monkey spider creature which haunts the halls of the Citadel where the prisoners live (think a human sized Salacious Crumb which is all black with glowing eyes)
  • The original settlers here were shipwrecked (their ship is only really superstructure)
  • Technology wise, the prisoners/settlers have a steampunkish tech level (kinda like industrial age mixed with some wind/water/steam generators and some futuristic stuff – like their binders and the forge they have)

While there, one of the fellow prisoners was killed (murdered) and the boys set out to help find the killer.  They decided that the monkey spider creature may have a clue to solving the case, so they hunted it down (took a week to do)

After a brief encounter, the boys managed to subdue the creature (with food and the promise to release it) and found the following

  • The creature was one of the original shipwrecked crew (it was an engineer)
  • The creature is unique, though it doesn’t have a name anymore
  • It can shapechange
  • It didn’t kill the prisoner, nor does it seem to know who did
  • It has some force abilities, including the ability to shapechange and also the ability to generate some form of biolaser (plus the ability to fly, climb walls and to squeeze through tight places)
  • It may not want to hurt them (because the boys are still children, and children need to learn from their mistakes)

The session ended there.

Bolder and Callan are planning to escape somehow, but they don’t know what they should do.  Though Bolder is going to help the prisoners/settlers in refining their tech.  He’s also going to rebuild some lightsabers (if he can find ample parts)

Of the PCs equipment, the only things not destroyed/impounded by the Empire are the following:

  • 426,000 credits (currently on Morty)
  • 12 T of Rishii wooden furniture (currently on Morty)
  • a runestone worth 5000 credits (Bolder purchased this and then hid it on Morty)

Seeker is truly gone, and so is Q4′s head.  Bolder does plan on rebuilding a droid (he’ll probably use an astromech droid when he gets a chance)

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Star Wars SAGA Game 18-February 2008

by on Feb.19, 2008, under RPG, Star Wars

Seeker is still offline, so no log from Bolder.

After last week’s over enthusiastic attempt at pacifying stormtroopers, our heroes decided to try subterfuge instead of an all out attack.

The boys rushed out of the mine straight into the arms of waiting stormtroopers.  Due to some bluffing, they managed to get a platoon of stormtroopers to go looking for some Jedi, whilst the heroes were detained and disarmed.

While waiting for the remainder of their captors, the heroes implemented some subtle uses of move light object, and managed to cause a distraction.  This led to 6 stormtroopers being stunned/knocked out, while the heroes attempted to make their escape.

However, the escape was short lived, as the remaining stormtroopers were on the way back out of the mine, just as the heroes were about to head back there to save the miners.

A scuffle ensued (with Tohr Nor being knocked out again) and Bolder and Callan took out the remaining Imperials.  While preparing for a secondary assault (on one of the troop shuttles), the imperials contacted the heroes demanding their surrender.

 Session ended there.

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Star Wars SAGA Game 06-February 2008

by on Feb.07, 2008, under RPG, Star Wars

Wouldn’t you know it, we’ve gone from the firing range and into a minefield…

Gotta keep this short.  Managed to make contact with the miners, and now we’re experiencing an orbital bombardment.  Seeker has helped in repairing aspects of the mining droid, but unfortunately we still haven’t managed to get full automation online.

One of the miners used to be an imperial tech, and he’s advised that we’re soon to expect an imperial landing team.  How soon is anyone’s guess.

I think the best option is for us to set some false trails, lead the imperials into searching the mines for us, while we “requisition” transport from this rock.  I’d rather not have the imperials taking over this place (or discovering the “rebel” base).

Seems that we’ve got more company than I expected.  Approximately 40 troops, in a dropship.  Hopefully Seeker can interface with the habitat computers and allow us to monitor the Imps.

<error in main processor>
<System shutting down>
<dumping core memory>

OK, Seeker is back, barely…
Schutta!  Malfunction in the processor core…

Damnit Seeker, careful with the reprogramming I think we’ll lose access.  I really should’ve paid more attention to Buggy 

<transmission lost>
<processor overload>
<system shutting down>

After Seeker shut down, the heroes eventually agreed that attacking the Imperials was better than essentially being besieged in the mines.  They rushed a platoon of Stormtroopers, and despite being outgunned were victorious after a brutal display of Force ability.

Currently, the heroes are disguised as surviving Stormtroopers and they plan on hijacking a ride away from the clutches of the Imperial Star Destroyer which holds orbit above the planet.

No further log entries will be made until Seeker is repaired

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Star Wars SAGA Game 30-January, 2008

by on Jan.31, 2008, under RPG, Star Wars

De’nel,just a step away from acceptance.

Sometimes blowing your cover isn’t so bad an idea.  Seems the blockade was setup due to some traced X-wing hyperspace trajectory.  I thought those fly-boys knew to make a micro jump first then do course corrections?

Though Seeker informs me that X-wings have a limited hyperspace capability, probably only have astromechs and not a navcomputer.  Which would be likely considering that most snub-fighters probably don’t have room for much. 

We’ve agreed to bring some refugees on board (I’m guessing we’re acting the role of shuttle between planetside and the Action VI)

Miners seem to always pick the worst possible places to live.

As was the case with the Cashna Besh belt, seems miners around the galaxy tend to pick the harshest places to live.  Its colder down here than the Emperor’s black heart!

Aside from the cold, the planet’s atmo is breathable, grav seems normal, but the pressure up on surface is apparently a killer.  Still, I’m sure we can survive long enough to pick up passengers.

 Tubes… why does it always involve tubes?

You’d think I’d be developing some psychological problems with all the docking tubes.  At least these look fairly standard (unlike the docking tubes that both Morty and “Mother” seem to use)

Met the refugee’s leader, a twi-lek. Didn’t really exchange pleasantries, as we had more pressing matters.  Asked Morty to take care of loading our guests while we went looking for any stragglers.

Its great when people forget I’m blind

Headed down the mines,  to look for the other families who decided that hiding was a better option. We were informed to speak to their leader, a sentient called Rutledge.

Set Seeker to map our progress, and keep note of any beacons down there, considering that droid sensors are far more suitable for this type of work than our own.  And as much as I have trust in the force, sometimes its best to rely on other methods available to us.

Seems we’re on the right track, we found a supply depot filled with starship parts. (Seeker informs me they could be X-wing parts, really don’t have time right now to rummage)

It never seems to go our way…

Found one of the defenses these “stragglers” have.  A huge mining droid.  Luckily, the force was with us, though Toh Nor is hurt, at least he’s still alive.  Droid has been de-activated for the moment, its a pity there wasn’t some form of power toggle so we could have simply shut it down without damaging it.

And now our cover is blown

These refugees now know I’m a Jedi, or at least connected to them.  I’m hoping the imps don’t find out, as it means that our lives will be a lot more complicated.   Still, we’ve had some discussions with Rutledge, and we’ve agreed to help these folk (they’re mostly children younger than us, with some adults, 9 families in all) as they have little chance against the imps.

The current plan is to steal an Imperial shuttle and jump out of the system.  I’ll have to warn Morty not to come back for us if all goes well (how I do that I still don’t know)

For now, we set our traps for the imps that may be coming.  I’m thinking we lure them to the older mines and while they’re looking in the wrong place, we blast off in their ship.  I’m just hoping that we can get away without having more Imperial capital ships on our tail…

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Star Wars SAGA Game 23-January 2008

by on Jan.23, 2008, under RPG, Star Wars

It really doesn’t bode well…

When you’re greeted by a Star Galleon and a complement of Y-wings.  Though Morty could take the bones, I doubt we’d really stand much chance against the Star Galleon.

Luckily, we weren’t as reckless as we normally are.  Though it was very tempting to capture one of the bones just so Callon has a ship.

It turns out that the pirates were in fact not.  They were a paramilitary group called the Alliance to Restore the Republic (or something like that) I think most sentients simply call them the Rebel Alliance.  I’m still unsure if we should trust them at face value, but one operative (a woman named Elle?) is a latent force user.  She’s a member of the Kiffar race, and apparently they read people.

Tried some of the calming techniques Kawera has taught, hope that masked my presence enough.  They seem to have a Jedi hero among them, a sentient called Skywalker. Louk/ Luke,  or something Skywalker.   Strong enough to have taken down the Death Star single handedly apparently.  The Rebels will attempt to put us in contact.

They did seem very very curious about the ships though.  Right now, it really isn’t my place to talk about the Arkanian stuff, I think I’ve blurted out enough whilst attempting to make discreet enquiries on Osarian.

On the upside, these Rebels pointed us towards a couple of Marauder Corvettes.  They want to capture some ships.

I’ll keep this short.

We blundered.  The Marauders were exactly where the Rebels told us they’d be.  However, due to our unfamiliarity with Morty’s systems, I think we let slip exactly how powerful our armaments are and some limitations they have.  Hope the Imps weren’t paying attention.

I doubt we’ll be able to use the transponder for the Dusty Venture any time soon in Imp space.

I have a feeling that we (all of us) may need a crash course in tactics.  We simply blasted our way through one Marauder, and then let the other get away, we should’ve really disabled it.  I’m going to have to figure out a way to use Ion blasts with the ship’s main guns.

How I wish we had the Collateral Damage.  Sure, she’s no match for a Marauder (hell she’s no match for a YT1900, but at least her weapons are something I understand)

I wonder what the Imps will send out our way now.  Hopefully not those Interdictor type ships, we’ve got enough problems traversing Hyperspace as it is.  And I seriously doubt if we can realistically take a Star Destroyer.

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Star Wars SAGA Game 16-January 2008

by on Jan.16, 2008, under RPG, Star Wars

So that was Osarian…

Didn’t really see much of Osarian, as we mostly stuck around the spaceport.

Managed to sell the Roonstones at a wonderful profit (300% more than our initial outlay for these stones). Not to mention selling the remainder of the foodstuffs (we sold the fish for almost double the price we paid)

So currently, we’re sitting pretty on credits (we have close to 430 kilocredits) and have a heap of cargo space available (since the only cargo we have is 12 tons of furniture products from Rishii). Not to mention that Morty has been producing guardian constructs to aid in defense (along with EmCee, we now have five more)

While on Osarian, we found out about a local space pirate. Seems to be doing quite well considering that they have a Star Galleon. Scuttlebutt is that the pirates have converted the ship to use Ion cannons instead of the turbolasers normally found on that class of ship. Plus, its large enough to hold a complement of snubfighters (not sure what those will be). Considering that they’re harrassing the locals, we deemed it worthwhile to investigate and possibly end the threat.

Despite the false starts… I really gotta shut my mouth when it comes to discussing Morty with locals (especially Imps) we’ve managed to get a lead on the pirates. Hopefully the lead is good… as we’ll be posing as buyers for a cruddy class 2 hyperdrive taken from a YT1900. Why do pirates always seem to pick the strangest sectors to hide in… I mean the Tel System? I’ve never heard of it, and luckily the local starport has the relevant hyperspace charts and routes for getting there.

Tel or rather, don’t Tel

Jumped to Tel, with Morty broadcasting the transponder codes for the Dusty Venture. Hope that works well as a ruse.

Seems that we’re in the right place, as Morty noticed some kind of transmissions being sent from one of the rocks orbiting the Tel white dwarf. Difficult to say where it’s beaming to, as the star in this system is causing quite a fair amount of interference for most of our sensors.

Definitely the right place…

As soon as we got to the rendezvous point, we got hailed by a Star Galleon. So yes, I’d say we’ve blundered into a trap (not necessarily a bad thing), and to make matters worse, there’s a half squadron of bones flying escort duty. Damned Y-Wings, though old, they do pack a punch, and can probably take a fair number of hits too.

I’m beginning to wonder if this was such a good idea. Though there’s a possible bounty for this all, its going to be like prying the arms off a gundark to pull of not only a safe exit from here, but also a successful rescue of what could be some prisoners.

I wonder if we should just let ourselves be captured? (though I’m not too sure where I could hide a lightsaber, or a blaster if we plan on getting boarded)

Currently the PCs have the following resources:

  • 426,000 credits
  • 12 T of Rishii wooden furniture
  • 5 Guardian Constructs
  • Emcee (Guardian Construct – pilot) and Jean (Consular Construct – diplomat) and
  • 6 Y-wings and a Star Galleon wanting to vape or capture them.

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Talk about your mishmash of pop culture.

by on Jan.15, 2008, under Miscellaneous, RPG, Star Wars

But it seems someone out there has made Lego Steam-punk versions of Star Wars Vehicles…

Article and images here and from the FBTB forums

Oh, and speaking of Star Wars: Steampunk, here’s another link to more images and ideas.

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